Goth Princess I’m a Australian Filipino girl who likes Purple, Black, Hot Pink, Gold and Silver. I like to read books and love to play games with my friends and family, my favorite fruit is Mango and my favorite vegetable would be a Potato. Drawing is one of my creative talents but my most favorite thing to do is sing! so thats why MUSIC CLASS is my favorite class at my school,

(P.S. The girl in the anime picture isn’t mine!)

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mixpod instructions:

as you can see my last post is a mixpod video player,
I put on random music videos from artists so you could watch them.
To watch the music video click on the play icon and the small “video” sign under the music video photo which is on the upper left of the mixpod player

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Create a playlist at

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:( sad

doesn’t it make you cry

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song in videos

please look at this:

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new avatar the last airbender!

yeah! so I was looking on the web and I found out about a new avatar the last airbender series. So the new avatar will be a water tribe girl named Korra and Aangs son Tenzin will teach her airbending here is a picture of the back of Korra, The creators will reveal her face on 2011 when the show premieres, some say that Toph,Katara and Suki would still be in the new series except for One condition: They’ll be old!

and young princess Katara! LOL

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Mercedes and Ivy

don’t you think the girl who lays Ivy on “good luck charlie” looks similar to Mercedes on Glee?


please comment and tell me what ya think

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